Nice to meet you!

I am a London based multidisciplinary Graphic designer with a strong background in illustration, art and media production. Ever since I was a youngster I have always been creative, if I could imagine it I would try to create it. Developing as an artist gave me a great understanding and appreciation of the craft from sketching out ideas, creating compositions and using colour theory in my work to communicate my ideas. During my degree I discovered my core strengths were developing bold concepts, creative branding, digital art and experiential design. Without question my multidisciplinary approach has impacted on the type of work I create, showcasing a wide variety of techniques and skills resulting in work that is always adventurous, bold, creative and fresh. 

"I believe great design is a combination of creativity, insight and storytelling; all of which I consider an integral part of me as a designer".

Design Ethos

I aspire to create meaningful emotional reactions by seeking out relevant subconscious triggers as part of my design process.  My concepts enable the audience to interact and amplify the outcomes far beyond the design itself. Calling on the artist within me, I am able to quickly take a flicker of an idea, visualise it and transform it into a  workable design. This may involve exploring multiple (and sometimes unorthodox) techniques, which stretch the boundaries of traditional design. I am naturally curious. I constantly challenge myself to develop new skills by adopting the punk ethos of “Do It Yourself”. My experience enables me to remain extremely focused even when juggling multiple projects.

TV Production Technician/Tutor

Regents University London

Being a Production technician and teaching assistant for the Film, TV and Digital Media production has had a huge impact on my creativity from directing, lighting, camera operation, sound and editing, also incorporating existing skills for producing story boards, mood boards and set design. To further develop myself I contribute to other creative departments (e.g. fashion and design) with skills in photography, 3D modelling, printing, and laser cutting. Furthermore I have developed my understanding leadership, public speaking, constructive critique, feedback and feed-forward. This provides me with a unique set of skills that are rare to find in other graduate graphic designers