Comfort Festival


Experiential Design

Brand Communication

Concept Art


Comfort Fabric Conditioner has a rich history as a brand that cares for their consumers and focuses on the fragrance of their products to evoke memories associated with family, love, happiness, comfort and togetherness. Comfort wanted to tap into the ever popular experiential market dropping the staid image of mothers or housekeepers as the primary users and instead reach out to a younger generation of millennials. with the overall aim to raise awareness, change perceptions and create future brand loyal consumers.


  • To create an experience that communicates Comforts brand values and products in a new, fresh, unique and exciting way.

  • Formulate a customer journey that takes part before, during and after the event to maximise brand exposure and ensure a memorable complete brand experience.


Life is all about experiences and great experiences live with us forever. By integrating Comfort into the festival environment Comfort would be able to do just that, taking the festival goers on a journey that they would never forget.


Research showed that music is a powerful way to create associations between a brand and its audience utilising the senses to form associations, so what better way to do that than by having a 

kick-ass party headed by a top DJ in a giant Comfort branded washing machine!


To carry the message further I created the 'Keeping It Fresh' scents for tents, this scented card is hung in the tent for a sweet-smelling experience after a long day partying but also acted as a promo piece for the event. The Proust Effect supports the notion that memories are triggered by scents and what better way to influence a potential consumer to a brands product by a smell that reminds them of the best time of their lives!