Short Comedy Film


Location Manager

Production Technician

Produced for 48 hour London Film Challenge, pre-selected for the 4th Annual New Zealand Film Awards and the Discover.film awards.



Two janitors on the night shift, George, who is into tinkering with electronics and Ralph is into baking jacket potatoes. George dismantles a microwave for parts upsetting Ralph who needs it to cook his spuds but as George points out, oven baked beats microwaved.


There is one problem however, the perfect potato takes an hour to cook. George has a perfect solution, a time machine. Put the spud in the oven, climb in the time machine, travel forward by 59 minutes and hey presto, a crisp Jackie tayter and zero waiting time.


The trouble is by inventing a means of temporal displacement the guys have unleashed a bigger force. In confusion, impatience and panic they rush back and forth through time meeting former and later versions of themselves. Eventually the earth can take no more and it implodes into a thousand trillion pieces.


Ralph and George are left in the vortex, mulling over their decision to destroy the planet for the sake of a root vegetable.