Elephant Parade

London 2010 / Laren 2017

Charity Exhibition


In 2010 London hosted one of the biggest outdoor exhibitions on record. Myself and over 200 other artists and designers were invited to produce an elephant that would take part in the parade and later be auctioned off for the Elephant Parade charity.


My elephant was dedicated to Isambard Kingdom Brunel. His vision and creativity is inspirational and I hope his ‘can-do’ attitude would inspire others to support the cause.


After helping raise money for the charity I was invited back, this time to create an elephant that would start its journey in Laren (the Netherlands), celebrating the Elephant Parade’s 10th birthday.


My new elephant, 'The Messenger’, is based on the god Hermes. Zeus sent Hermes (his son) as a teacher to humanity in order to teach them knowledge of and value of justice, in addition to improving inter-personal relationships. For me 'The Messenger' is here to spread the teachings of the parade as he swiftly travels on his winged boots around the world.