The Kraken


Digital Art


To produce an illustration for a book titled folklore. 


  • To tell a story through illustration and to engage the imagination of the audience.

  • Explore alternative styles of illustration for a modern audience


I chose a story that was historically documented by sailors around the shores of Norway and was reportedly as large as an island. This myth was known as the Kraken.

Illustrating the tale of the Kraken was a lot of fun. These stories were often passed down from one generation to the next so the story gets bigger a better every time. Experimenting with various concepts, such as Kraken Island, created using pen and ink was a very traditional approach and served the historical mystery aspect of the story well, however, I felt that there was a more modern interpretation that would suit the story better and with a little twist. 

Sailors tattoos often tell stories, whether it be about love, loss or adventure. This design saw the story of the Kraken captured in a traditional 1950's style tattoo design. This seemed very apt as sailors were the ones who supposedly saw the beast and the ones who lived to tell the tale would mark the experience in ink to tell the story of their encounter with the Kraken.


Alternative Design